When you hear the term investment, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?

Nosa: When I hear investment, a simple concept that comes to mind is planting a seed. I put this seed into the ground, I wait, and it brings forth a fruitful tree.

How did you discover Bamboo?
Nosa: I can’t remember, but probably from social media.

Have you always wanted to invest in the stock market? Do you know people or family members who have?
Nosa: I used to be very averse to stock market investments. I thought it was too volatile and utterly ridiculous because of the factors that impacted stock prices. Like the wrong headline influencing a stock price, or the decision a CEO made in his/her personal life. I just thought people were too emotional with their investments.

How much was your first investment and what was the first stock you bought?
Nosa: My first investment was around $150 or so and the first stock I bought was Tesla.

So when investing, do you do any research or do you just wing it?
Nosa: I absolutely do zero research, however, I don’t wing it either. I only invest in companies that I believe will be around in 5-10 years, so my portfolio still does a minimum of 50% YoY.

What was a time you bought a stock and it brought more profit than you anticipated?
Nosa: Google, and Apple. Apple brought in 40% in about 6 months. I didn’t think growth could be that significant with that type of company. Google as well.

What was a time you held on to a stock for too long and it made a loss?

Nosa: I don’t sell so this hasn’t happened.

What was a time you felt like selling but you HODL and it paid off?
Nosa: Never felt like selling anything. I’m long on all my holdings.

What do you think is the worst investment you’ve made and why?
Nosa: I broke my investment principles of never trading and I invested in a stock because it was hot at the time. It was one of those meme stocks. Basically gambling. I shouldn’t have. Didn’t lose a significant amount of money, but I lost more than I put in. Never again.

So with all these experiences you’ve had with investing, I’m curious about how these experiences have shaped the way you think about Investment and Money. Has it changed your perspectives or given you insight?
Nosa: There’s no get-rich-quick scheme. An investment, as I mentioned earlier, is like planting a seed. You must be willing to wait. When I buy a stock these days, I don’t plan on selling it for at least 5 years. For example, I only bought $AAPL when my daughter was born because I figured there’s a very high chance that she’ll be using Apple products in the future, although I’m an “Android Fanboy”, so I decided to get her some. Money is simply a tool to be utilized. As a man of faith [in Christ], I see myself as a fund manager for the person (God) who gives me this money, so I try to make very wise decisions with my investments so as to be trusted with more; I do pray before buying anything; well, besides that one time I foolishly bought a stock because everyone was doing it. Money isn’t for gambling.

What part of your investment/savings do you wish you could be better at?
Nosa: I want to say I wish I was better at picking more non-traditional stocks, but I honestly can’t be bothered. If I’m doing over 50% per annum (65% as of now) on my strategy, then that works for me.

Can you share a breakdown of your portfolio?
Nosa: So, I own only 7 company stocks at the moment
Apple (14%): Because of the aforementioned reasons (for my daughter).

Amazon (3%): There is AWS and the eCommerce giant can only get better.

Google (7%): I mean, it’s Google. They’ll be here for eons.

Johnson & Johnson (4%): Honestly, IDK why I have this. I think I felt led to buy some of it, but not entirely sure why. So I just held it.

Spotify (5%): I love Spotify. It’s a solid product and there are many more verticals to explore.

Tesla (57%): I mean, come on. It’s Tesla. It’s the Apple of the EV industry.

Twitter (7%): So much room for product growth.

Zynga (1%): Gaming is a big part of the future.

What do you like about using Bamboo?
Nosa: I love Bamboo because of how simple it is. No fluff or confusing offerings – just straight to the point. Simplifies my entire investment process.

What’s the best investment you’ve made?
Nosa: Definitely Tesla. Since I first bought Tesla, it has given me over 150% every year.
Thank you very much for your time.

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    Bamboo does simplify things for me. I’m still new to the investment thing, and it’s growing on me. I am looking forward to learn more. I love his portfolio.

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