When you hear the term investment, what is the first thing that pops into your mind?

Raymond: The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear investment is basically putting my money somewhere and the money gets back to me with returns. 

Fair enough, how did you discover Bamboo? 

Raymond:  I was doing research on investments in the U.S. Stock market. I wanted to use Robinhood at the time I was learning about the stock market, but it wasn’t available in Nigeria. In looking for a Nigerian platform, I got to know Bamboo from my friends. I saw that Bamboo had affiliations with a trusted U.S. firm and that is regulated by the SEC. I thought to myself that these guys can’t run away with my money so, let me go with these guys. That’s where the journey began.  

Have you always wanted to invest in the stock market? Do you know people or family members who have?

Raymond: In the stock market? No. I just started learning about the stock market in 2020 during the lockdown, you can say boredom. I took a course on EdX, sponsored by Harvard and MyWallStreet. I found it interesting and did more research. Towards September 2020, I downloaded the Bamboo app and started putting what I learnt into practice. Prior to investing, I put some shares of different industries on my bamboo Watchlist, learning their patterns, how dividends were paid and much more. So yeah, that’s how it started.  

How much was your first investment and what was the first stock you bought?

Raymond: The first stock I bought was Bank of America stock and it’s one I’m not willing to let go lol. I got it for many reasons – I needed something safe, plus they pay a dividend, I get paid every quarter, so it was a good stock to get.

So when investing, do you do any research or do you just wing it? 

Raymond: Trust me, I don’t just pick. I do quite a bit of research on the Wall Street Journal. I fund my Bamboo first and  wait for a company on my Bamboo Watchlist that fits my requirement, then I invest in it/them. I also noticed that Bamboo partnered with Motley Fool so I’m thinking of trying that. 

When was a time you bought a stock and it brought more profit than you anticipated? 

Raymond: I can think of three.  I bought Tesla shares before the whole craze with EVs & Tesla. The shares were going for $1100, but knowing who Elon Musk is, I don’t trust him like that, so I sold the shares. The second will be Roblox when they started. I bought it when they got their IPO, though presently, their shares aren’t doing great. I hope they do better. Thirdly, I bought Peloton shares. I’ve been wanting to get it for a while now, but have been waiting for their peak. I bought it at $23 and now they are at $30, so yes, it seems like a good investment. 

What was a time you felt like selling but you HOLD and it paid off?

Raymond: To be truthful, I felt like selling my Tesla shares at a point, but that was when the whole Uber discussion started and Tesla stocks rose, immediately I sold it. After I sold it, the shares started crashing and I was really thankful I sold it at that time. 

What do you think is the worst investment you’ve made and why? 

Raymond: Oh my God! Coinbase! I was thinking Coinbase was going to be the future of crypto especially when they gained their IPO, which was around $200+ per share. I bought into it and till today, no tomorrow, the share has never risen, it has just been dipping and dipping. It’s one of my  worst investment decisions. Sadly, I made it based on impulse not research, especially with the whole fame/talk of crypto. 

So with all these experiences you’ve had, you sound like somebody that does a lot of research – watch the market, trade and much more. I’m curious on how these experiences have shaped the way you think about Investment and Money. Has it changed your perspectives or given you insight? 

Raymond: It has. Now, I see things in a different way. When I look at businesses, I look at them from the eye of an investor. I hear news and I think, “what does this business decision mean for the company, their EPS (Earning per share), and for the future of the company?” Every decision I make now, makes an impact. Even at my palace of work, I look at how we can make it scale because I’ve watched companies fall in the stock market and I don’t want that to happen. 

Hmm… What part of your investment/savings do you wish you could be better at?

Raymond: I wish I was better at reading financials. My friends go further to read financial statements of companies, I only know the surface. So, I just use the business decision aspect to know which to invest in. I wish I could understand the financials better.

What do you like about using Bamboo?

Raymond: I like the UI/UX of the app. From the minute I sign up, even when I get my friends to sign up, it’s easy to read and understand. I like the little analyst notes that pop up on stocks, it helps to better understand the stock. And from the information shared, it’s obvious you want us users to understand the stock market, which is really good. The user experience and customer service is also amazing. 

What’s the best investment you’ve made?

Raymond: Personally, I think it’s Peloton. As bad as the stock is performing now, I think it’s going to change the future of online sporting activity. 

Lastly, are you happy with where your investments are at?

Raymond: Currently, I think I can do better when I have a lot more money. I’m still growing, I feel I’m doing great for someone with little knowledge of the stock market, so yes, I give it to myself, and I think I just need to up my investment game. 

Thank you very much for your time. 

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