Bamboo users can invest fractionable amounts in their favourite publicly listed US companies from Tesla to Apple, ETFs, mutual funds, or fixed income products.

Bamboo, Africa’s leading online brokerage firm has announced its official launch in Ghana. Nearly 50,000 people have signed up on the waitlist to download the Bamboo app. Bamboo is the first retail brokerage app to launch in the country and is offering Ghanians easy access to U.S. stocks. 

Earlier this month, Bamboo received a No Objection Letter from Ghana’s Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) for its operations. The company plans to work closely with the SEC on an ongoing basis to develop regulation for the retail investment industry. Bamboo has partnered with licensed Ghanian broker, 10th Capital Investments. Through Bamboo’s U.S. digital investing partner, DriveWealth LLC, all Bamboo accounts are insured up to $500,000 via the US Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). 

Bamboo is on a mission to make investing in all types of asset classes accessible to all Africans. The Bamboo app has unique tools that will help users pick stocks and ETFs to meet their investment goals:

  • Stock page with real time price alerts 
  • Stock comparison page 
  • Price movement notifications 
  • Watch list tracking stock performance

Bamboo offers a wide range of premium investing content and education tools tailored to users who are new to investing in US stocks:

  • Stock Market Course: an easy-to-understand 19-episode video series that gives the basics on investing in US equities 
  • Bamboo Bootcamp: the biggest investment event in West Africa with over 14,000 registered attendees
  • Bamboo Newsletters and Webinars 
  • Free premium content at Motley Fool and 

“We believe strongly that all Africans should earn a return on their investments and build intergenerational wealth. That’s why we created Bamboo: we wanted to create an easy and secure way for everyday Africans to invest in the US stock market, and eventually, all types of asset classes,” said Richmond Bassey, Bamboo CEO and co-founder. 

“We’re thrilled to work with Bamboo to bring Ghanaians the opportunity to invest in the US and eventually the local stock market. Their impeccable track record in Nigeria, stellar product and educational tools make them an ideal collaborator,” said Albert Asiamah, 10th Capital Investments CEO.

“Together with Bamboo, we’ve been able to provide investors across Africa with affordable access to the U.S. markets. Today, we’re thrilled to extend that same access to the people of Ghana,” said John Shammas, Head of Technical Sales at DriveWealth. “As we continue our international expansion, we look forward to empowering more customers with the tools they need to improve their financial wellbeing and engage with the markets.”


Founded in 2019, Bamboo is an online brokerage app that allows Africans to invest real time in local and foreign asset classes. Investing on Bamboo is simple, accessible, and affordable. Bamboo users can invest fractionable amounts in their favorite publicly listed US companies from Tesla to Apple, ETFs, mutual funds, or fixed income products. For users who are new to investing, Bamboo offers a wide range of educational materials from investment guides to a stock market course to regular events and webinars. All US stocks portfolios are insured up to $500,000 by the United States Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC). More information at



  1. Kingsford Ofori Reply

    How much Ghana cedis can i invest in bamboo, the minimum and the maximum amo8

  2. Rajiv Giri Reply

    Hi I am regular user of this app for trading in Nigeria. But now I am located in Ghana.
    Kindly advise as per Ghana securities law how much charges applied and which documents do I need for registration.
    With regards
    Rajiv Giri

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