It’s another earnings reporting week from high profile companies like Disney (DIS)AMC (AMC)PayPal (PYPL)Coinbase (COIN)AstraZeneca (AZN), and more. 

Why this matters: AMCand PayPal are opening the week with their earnings reports coming in today. Following the Pinterest (PINS) brouhaha, PayPal investors want their confidence restored during the earnings call. With Disney, investors are looking to see how the company has fared in the third quarter while AstraZeneca’s earnings are expected to reflect lower levels of cancer diagnosis. (Yahoo Finance) 

Supply chain problems shrink Berkshire Hathaway’s profits

Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) said that supply chain disruptions stifled the company’s ability to generate profit. 

Why this matters: The company, like many others suffered from supply chain issues that dragged its net income to $10.3 billion from $30.1 billion, a 66% drop. It said that these disruptions have increased prices for materials and freights, this has forced its businesses to raise prices. It also said that the supply chain woes significantly reduced new vehicle sales at its auto dealer unit. (Yahoo Finance)

Marvel’s Eternals raked in $71 million at the Box Office 

Marvel’s (DIS) Eternals secured $71 million in ticket sales even after its mixed reviews. 

Why this matters: Eternals may be the lowest-rated film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that didn’t stop the movie from raking in numbers from diehard fans at the cinemas. The film garnered $71 million in its domestic debut – the fourth-highest opening in the pandemic. Even though critics praised the film for its diversity, they thought that it wasn’t enough to counter an overstuffed plot and limited character development. (CNBC)

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