In today’s rapidly evolving world, securing a stable and prosperous financial future has become increasingly important for Nigerians. With traditional savings methods often yielding low returns, investment has emerged as a powerful tool for building wealth and achieving financial goals.

Fortunately, the rise of technology has made investment more accessible than ever before. In recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a surge in the popularity of investment apps, offering users a convenient and user-friendly way to participate in the financial markets. These innovative platforms provide a wealth of opportunities to invest in diverse asset classes, including stocks, mutual funds, real estate, and even alternative investments.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting your financial journey, investment apps offer a remarkable level of flexibility and control. They empower individuals to manage their investments directly, access essential financial information, and make informed decisions about their future.

But with so many options available, choosing the right investment app can be overwhelming. That’s where this comprehensive guide comes in. We will categorize and analyze the top 10 investment apps in Nigeria, highlighting their unique features, pros and cons, and ideal investor profiles.

Through this in-depth exploration, you’ll gain valuable insights into the world of investment apps and discover the perfect platform to unlock your financial potential. So, buckle up, get ready to embark on an exciting journey towards financial freedom, and let’s explore the best investment apps Nigeria has to offer!

Top Investment Apps

  1. Bamboo
  2. Troove
  3. Chaka
  4. Piggyvest
  5. Cowrywise
  6. Risevest
  7. Stow
  8. Coreum
  9. Kebble
  10. I-Invest
  11. Pillow Fund
  12. Quidax
  13. GetEquity

Top Investment Apps for Stocks & Shares In Nigeria

  1. Bamboo
  2. Troove
  3. Chaka
  1. Bamboo
  • Features: Offers access to Nigerian Stocks and US stocks, fractional shares, robo-advisor, dollar savings and automatic investing services.
  • Pros: User-friendly interface, educational resources, low fees for small investors and amazing customer support.
  • Cons: Limited investment options compared to global platforms, no access to mutual funds or ETFs.
  • Ideal Investors: Beginners, long-term investors looking to invest in individual stocks, dollar denominated savings and build diversified portfolios.
  1. Troove
  • Features: Provides access to Nigerian Stocks and US stocks, fractional shares, and mutual funds.
  • Pros: Low trading fees, user-friendly mobile app, educational resources.
  • Cons: Limited customer support options, no robo-advisor services.
  • Ideal Investors: Active traders looking for low fees and diverse investment options.
  1. Chaka
  • Features: Offers access to Nigerian and US stocks, ETFs, and international stocks.
  • Pros: Wide range of investment options, fractional shares, competitive fees.
  • Cons: Complex interface for beginners, limited mobile app features.
  • Ideal Investors: Experienced investors looking for access to global markets and a wider range of assets.

Top Investment Apps for Mutual Funds & ETFs In Nigeria

  1. Piggyvest
  2. Cowrywise
  3. Risevest
  1. Piggyvest
  • Features: Offers a variety of pre-built investment plans, robo-advisor services, and savings features.
  • Pros: Easy setup, user-friendly interface, ideal for beginners and long-term investors.
  • Cons: Limited control over individual investments, higher fees compared to some platforms.
  • Ideal Investors: Beginners, individuals seeking automated investment solutions and long-term wealth management.
  1. Cowrywise
  • Features: Offers a wide range of pre-built and custom mutual funds, robo-advisor services, and savings features.
  • Pros: Competitive fees, diverse investment options, user-friendly interface.
  • Cons: Limited control over individual investments, limited international exposure.
  • Ideal Investors: Beginners and intermediate investors seeking a balance between automation and customization.
  1. Risevest
  • Features: Offers dollar-denominated mutual funds focused on international markets and alternative investments.
  • Pros: Access to global markets, diversification benefits, experienced fund managers.
  • Cons: Higher minimum investment amount, limited control over individual investments.
  • Ideal Investors: Experienced investors looking for exposure to global markets and alternative assets.

Top Investment Apps for Real Estate In Nigeria

  1. Stow
  2. Coreum
  3. Kebble
  1. Stow
  • Features: Offers fractionalized ownership of real estate properties in Nigeria and the US.
  • Pros: Low entry barrier, diversified portfolio, potential for high returns.
  • Cons: Limited liquidity, illiquid asset class, risk of market fluctuations.
  • Ideal Investors: Long-term investors looking for passive income and diversification.
  1. Coreum
  • Features: Offers real estate investment opportunities focused on commercial properties.
  • Pros: Experienced investment team, high potential returns, professional property management.
  • Cons: Higher investment amount, limited access to smaller projects.
  • Ideal Investors: Accredited investors seeking high-yield real estate investments.
  1. Kebble
  • Features: Offers fractionalized ownership of residential and commercial properties in Nigeria.
  • Pros: Flexible investment options, lower minimum investment amount, user-friendly platform.
  • Cons: Limited project selection, new platform with limited track record.
  • Ideal Investors: Individuals seeking entry into the real estate market with moderate risk tolerance.

Top Investment Apps for Short Term Savings In Nigeria

  1. I-Invest
  2. Pillow Fund
  1. I-Invest
  • Features: Offers high-yield savings accounts and short-term investment plans.
  • Pros: Competitive interest rates, easy setup, user-friendly mobile app.
  • Cons: Limited investment options, higher fees for short-term investments.
  • Ideal Investors: Individuals seeking high returns on short-term savings goals.
  1. Pillow Fund
  • Features: Offers flexible savings accounts with goal-based features and joint saving options.
  • Pros: User-friendly interface, gamified features for financial motivation, community support.
  • Ideal Investors: Beginners and young adults seeking to establish a regular savings habit.

Top Investment Apps for Long Term Investing In Nigeria

  1. Quidax
  2. GetEquity
  1. Quidax
  • Features: Offers access to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.
  • Pros: High potential for growth, diversification benefits, innovative investment options.
  • Cons: Highly volatile market, complex subject matter, risk of fraud and scams.
  • Ideal Investors: Experienced investors with high risk tolerance and strong understanding of digital assets.
  1. GetEquity
  • Features: Offers fractional ownership of African startups and early-stage companies.
  • Pros: Access to high-growth potential investments, diversification benefits, support for African entrepreneurship.
  • Cons: High risk, limited track record of companies, complex investment process.
  • Ideal Investors: Experienced investors seeking to support African startups and gain exposure to high-growth potential opportunities.

Choosing the Right Investment App for You

Navigating the world of investment apps can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. With such a diverse range of platforms available, choosing the right one requires careful consideration of your unique needs and goals. 

Here are some key factors to consider:

1. Investment Goals:

  • Short-term: If your primary goal is to save for a specific short-term objective, like a vacation or emergency fund, prioritize apps offering high-yield savings accounts and short-term investment plans. Examples include I-Invest and Pillow Fund.
  • Long-term: For long-term wealth accumulation, consider apps offering access to diverse asset classes like stocks, mutual funds, and real estate. Options like Bamboo, Trove, and Piggyvest cater to these goals.
  • Specific investments: If you have a specific investment in mind, such as cryptocurrencies or individual stocks, choose an app that provides access to those assets. Quidax and Chaka respectively offer exposure to these categories.

2. Risk Tolerance:

Different apps cater to varying risk appetites. Assess your own tolerance for potential losses before choosing an investment platform. 

Apps focusing on fractional shares and robo-advisor services tend to be suitable for lower risk profiles. Conversely, those offering direct access to individual stocks and volatile assets like cryptocurrencies are best suited for individuals comfortable with higher risk.

3. Budget:

Investment apps come with varying fee structures and minimum investment amounts. Consider your budget and choose an app that aligns with your financial resources. Apps like Bamboo offer low minimum investments and competitive fees, making them ideal for beginners.

4. Investment Experience:

If you’re a beginner, prioritize user-friendly apps with educational resources and automated investment options. Platforms like Piggyvest and Bamboo provide intuitive interfaces and learning materials tailored for new investors. As your experience grows, you can explore more advanced platforms with diverse investment options and greater control.

5. Additional Features:

Consider the additional features offered by each app. Some platforms provide tax benefits, community support, or gamified features to enhance the user experience. Choose an app that aligns with your preferences and offers features that resonate with your financial goals.

Investment Apps In Nigeria Comparison Table

AppInvestment FocusFeesMinimum InvestmentFeaturesIdeal for
BambooStocks & SharesLow$1Fractional shares, Robo-advisorBeginners & long-term investors
TroveStocks & Shares, Mutual FundsLow₦1,000Fractional shares, US StocksActive traders
ChakaStocks & Shares, ETFsCompetitive₦1,000International stocksExperienced investors
PiggyvestMutual FundsLow₦1,000Robo-advisor, Savings featuresBeginners & long-term investors
CowrywiseMutual FundsCompetitive₦1,000Custom portfolios, Savings featuresBeginners & intermediate investors
RisevestMutual FundsHigher₦10,000International exposure, Alternative assetsExperienced investors
StowReal EstateVariable₦1,000Fractional ownership, DiversificationLong-term investors
CoreumReal EstateHigh₦50,000,000Commercial properties, High potential returnsAccredited investors
KebleReal EstateVariable₦5,000Residential & commercial propertiesModerate risk investors
I-InvestShort-term SavingsHigh-yield₦100Savings accounts, Short-term investment plansShort-term goals
Pillow FundShort-term SavingsCompetitive₦1Flexible savings, Goal-based featuresBeginners & young adults
QuidaxCryptocurrenciesVariable₦1,000High-growth potential, InnovationExperienced investors
GetEquityAfrican StartupsHigh₦5,000Support African entrepreneurship, High-growth potentialExperienced investors

Remember: This table is a general guide. Do your own research and carefully review each app’s terms and conditions before investing.

Taking the First Step:

Choosing the right investment app is crucial for achieving your financial goals. By carefully considering your individual needs and utilizing the information provided, you can embark on your investment journey with confidence. Take the first step towards financial freedom and start exploring the world of investment apps today!


The rise of investment apps in Nigeria has revolutionized the way individuals manage their finances and invest for the future. These user-friendly platforms offer an array of benefits, including:

  • Accessibility: Investment opportunities are now accessible to everyone, regardless of financial background or experience.
  • Convenience: Manage your investments from anywhere, anytime, using a mobile app.
  • Diversification: Invest in a variety of asset classes to spread risk and maximize returns.
  • Control: Take control of your financial future and make informed investment decisions.
  • Education: Many apps offer valuable educational resources to help you learn about investing and make informed choices.

By choosing the right investment app and taking advantage of the features they offer, you can empower yourself to reach your financial goals and secure a brighter future.

Top Investment Apps In Nigeria FAQs

1. What are the best investment apps for beginners in Nigeria?

For beginners, user-friendly apps with educational resources and automated investment options are ideal. Platforms like Piggyvest, Cowrywise, and Bamboo offer excellent starting points. They provide low minimum investments, intuitive interfaces, and robo-advisor services to guide your investment journey.

2. How can I invest in stocks and shares in Nigeria?

Several apps in Nigeria facilitate investment in stocks and shares. Popular options include Bamboo, Trove, and Chaka. These platforms offer access to Nigerian and international stocks, fractional shares, and occasionally, robo-advisor services to assist in portfolio selection.

3. Which investment app offers the highest returns?

Potential returns depend heavily on the asset class and market conditions. While apps like Quidax and GetEquity offer exposure to potentially high-growth assets like cryptocurrencies and startups, they also carry significantly higher risk. Consider your risk tolerance and financial goals before chasing high returns.

4. Is it safe to invest using apps in Nigeria?

When choosing an investment app, prioritize platforms like Bamboo that are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Nigeria. This ensures compliance with financial regulations and safeguards your investments. Additionally, research the app’s reputation and user reviews to gain further insights into its safety and reliability.

5. How can I track my investments using apps?

Most investment apps offer built-in features to track your portfolio performance and monitor individual investments. Utilize these tools to stay informed, assess your progress, and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, consider integrating your investment accounts with budgeting apps for a holistic view of your finances.

Getting Started on Bamboo

Remember, investing is a long-term journey. Start early, invest consistently, and be prepared for market fluctuations. With the right tools and knowledge, you can unlock your financial potential and build a prosperous future for yourself and your family.

Bamboo is the easiest way to access smart investment options in the US. We make investing simple, accessible and affordable. Start investing today!

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